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Professional automation system integration solution provider, customized solution leader

Tanac (Japan) was established in 1933. Founded in China in 2003, Tanac Automation Co., Ltd. is located in Yaozhuang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang, covering a workshop area of 31,407 m2, listed on the stock market in May, 2015.

Since Tanac (Japan) developed and started selling the first winding machine, this has established the position of Tanac as the originator of the winding machine industry. Through more than half a century of continuous innovation and accumulation, we have gradually involved the consumer electronics industry, automobile industry, household appliance industry and other related fields, so as to be a well-deserved leader of customized solutions.

Based on many years of accumulated technical experience, all procedures from design, machining and assembly to installation & debugging are completed in the factory of China, to ensure that the most cost-effective products with the highest quality are provided for customers.


In 2003, Tanac was founded in China.


Tanac product patents

Production Capacity

Tanac is a professional automation system integration solution provider with integration of research & development, design, production, marketing and after-sales service. Main products involve winding automation equipment, non-standard automation equipment, assembly automation equipment, test automation equipment, complete automation equipment, industrial robot application, smart factory, etc. Customized solutions are designed and developed according to customer demands, to fully meet the personalized and diversified needs of customers. Solutions cover the transformer inductance industry, motor manufacturing industry, consumer electronics industry, automobile industry, household appliance industry, medical industry, intelligent logistics industry, etc. Through decades of continuous innovation and accumulation, Tanac has become a well-deserved leader of customized solutions.


Tanac has its own independent intellectual property rights of control software and controllers specially designed for winding machines. Through many years of technology accumulation, Tanac has owned the strong software development capacity, able to provide automation software solutions. In addition, the development of vision software is also our development focus.


For the complicated structure of equipment, as well as strong operation function design, based on the long-term experience accumulation, the company owns over 100 talents with medium & senior professional titles, including research & development personnel, engineers, designs and senior technicians. It has set up a high-quality team from marketing, research & development and design to production, management and after-sales service. The company may independently design various devices that meet customer demands. We have the confidence to overcome challenges so long as customers need and want to achieve automation equipment.!

Machining Capacity

Machining equipment is the basic guarantee to ensure the accuracy of mechanical components. We owns a lot of high-precision CNC machining equipment imported from Japan, such as about 10 vertical-type, horizontal-type and five-axis machining centers, and nearly 70 sets about grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines, wire cutting machines, electric discharge machines and lathes. After scientific process arrangement, under the careful operation of experienced operators in each procedure, the precision components on drawings are realized step by step.

Component Test

Strict quality control is a fundamental condition for equipment manufacturing. The design and machining accuracy of each component determine the key to the success rate of one-time assembly of products. Therefore, strict control of each procedure is our knowhow to manufacture good products.

Assembly & Debugging

Before the machine is assembled, technicians with abundant experience must hold a pre-production briefing to fully explain the overall structure and key points of the equipment. When encountering difficulties, they will discuss solutions with production technicians, to ensure that the equipment can be successfully delivered within the specified time.

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Environmental Guideline

Strengthen management, prevent pollution, and promote the image of the company; advocate full participation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and create a green enterprise. We have a high-level ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, and own a people-oriented management mechanism. Our requirements are very rigorous, to ensure that our product quality takes the leading position.

Look forward to the future, and focus on the present:

Observe environmental protection regulations, and reduce environmental damage

Set up the consciousness of saving, and implement clean production

Develop circular economy, and improve enterprise efficiency

Make rational use of resources, and protect ecological balance

Characteristic Concept
Japan Technology

Tanac has been dedicated to research & development, design and production of high-end automation equipment. Based on the technology cultivated by Tanac for a long time, we carefully design products that conform to the industrial foundation of China.

China Price

When ensuring the high quality in the market of China, we consider that lower prices have become an important competitive factor. Tanac always focuses on providing cost-effective products, and makes unremitting efforts to this end.

Top Service

The complete and powerful after-sales service is the guarantee of Tanac’s brand value. Our after-sales service is a strong support team composed of senior engineers who are well-trained with rich experience. At the same time, the sustainable development concept of the enterprise urges us to set up branches in many cities all over the world, so that we can get closer to and understand the needs of customers, and quickly provide after-sales service.

World-class Brand

Through many years of persistent efforts and core technology accumulation, Tanac brand products win the highly praise by customers from all over the world, to firmly consolidate the position as a world-class brand.

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